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Customized Logistics Solutions

Staying ahead of change in the rapidly changing world of Logistics.

Asset-based, non-asset based, brokerage, dedicated, or private cartage. Which is right for the customer? No two customers have the exact same needs or solution.

Whether, Asset, non-asset, brokerage or private cartage, a total logistic service may be the best option for customers.

The logistics provider will seek out and or use existing transportation sources allowing the customer to concentrate on their core business.

Load Tracking

We know there are many choices in transportation providers and appreciate you for choosing Brent Redmond Logistics, LLC as your provider of temperature-controlled Logistics. We take this responsibility seriously and understand your shipment is our most important shipment.


To stay up to date on your shipment, please use the following tracking and document retrieval tools.

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Refrigerated Logistics Done Right

What are your options?

Brent Redmond Logistics, LLC believes a mix of all options is usually the best solution.

Asset based carriers work well in situations where the customer is looking for consistent capacity to handle their most static traffic lanes or where dropped trailers are utilized. Dropped trailers can be utilized to minimize warehouse labor while avoiding the restrictions of appointments or the uncertainty of first come first serve shipping. Asset carriers also work very well in a dedicated model where the customer pays for service in stable traffic lanes. These lanes can be either closed (customer freight both directions) or open (customer freight plus off setting carrier-supplied backhaul revenue).

Non-Asset or Semi-asset carriers or brokers utilize owner operators to maximize capacity without paying for underutilized assets. Customers with large seasonal volume swings benefit most from utilizing owner operator fleets. Owner operators in most cases will outperform employee driven assets because they have a financial stake in keeping customer satisfaction high. They work well in dedicated models and brokerage.

Brokerage has moved into main stream logistics. Brokerage done right will yield the best rates during times of excess capacity and add capacity during tight capacity markets or seasonal volume increases. Brokerage is a very important part of a complete logistics solution. Today’s technology allows for immediate carrier safety vetting, load tracking.

Private Cartage in some cases is the best option for the customer. Private Cartage works well where everything is known, consistent, niche, or otherwise under served by for hire providers. Private Cartage assets can be used in conjunction with carriers.
The biggest drawback to Private Cartage is lack of core competency, baked in expenses regardless of market condition, decreasing volumes, and liability. Many times, the customer simply wants their brand in the public eye. However, branding can be done with both Asset and Non-Asset Carriers.

Finding the right solution for a customer will take time to develop and time to fully implement. The best mix of services will yield the best service and pricing, while allowing for change and growth with minimal financial risk.

LA Dock:
Location is Everything

Turn your pickups and delivery challenges into opportunities at our Los Angeles cross dock and cold storage facility located just a few blocks south of the Los Angeles Produce Market. 

Prime Location for Produce

Our dock is right in the heart of the action.

Cold Storage Warehouse

Refrigerated, and dry food storage and transportation.

Perishable Load

We help companies simplify their logistics process and maximize their efficiency.

Refrigerated Cross Docking

Breaking down large product loads into smaller loads for transportation.

Refrigerated Short Hold Services

Minimizing the time and cost to you in our temperature controlled dock.


Refrigerated LTL produce distribution into northern California


At Brent Redmond Logistics, we integrate Samsaras industry best management system. This helps us better manage your delivery from start to finish.


We pride ourselves in using only the finest trucks and the most cutting edge technology. When hiring the industries best drivers we believe they deserve to be equipped as such. 

When it comes to safety we don’t skimp on maintenance or quality of our equipment.