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Our Promise

To continue providing our carrier and shipper partners with logistics services of exceptional value to both.

Brent Redmond Logistics, LLC

Brent Redmond Logistics, LLC is here to provide our shipper customers with the best carriers and our carriers with the best freight to meet the specific needs of both.


At Brent Redmond Logistics, LLC, every member of our team is dedicated to the principles of integrity, fairness, and loyalty. Each load we arrange for transportation is important to us, and a representation of who we are as a company.


At Brent Redmond Logistics, LLC, we understand the trust you place in us with every shipment. Whether you are a shipper or carrier our most important shipment is your shipment.

We believe in “Winning Relationships”, not relationships that create victims or losers.

Our Customers, Carriers, Vendors, and ourselves must all have an expectation of winning with each transaction to ensure a long-term relationship of value.