Consolidation DockThe process of consolidation in the distribution market is an important and not very well known one. Consolidation is mainly the process of combining many small shipments and placing them into a bigger load in order

to lessen the overall shipping cost. Almost every large company takes advantage of this system, and they have made consolidation docks a very popular service in the United States.

What are the benefits of a Consolidation Dock?

Consolidation Dock in Los AngelesConsolidation docks in Los Angeles are a prime example of what a well-planned logistics system can do for big AND small companies. The large Los Angeles market has thousands of business ranging in size, and majority of these businesses are shipping goods and items all over the United States. A consolidation dock is a large docking station with multiple bay doors that has the ability for “multi-truck access”. This means that multiple shipping trucks can pull up to the dock at the same time, unload specific items from specific dealers, and create a unique truck load that is going to a specific place.

This allows larger companies to take products from different distribution centers and meet at a consolidation dock to combine those products into one truck load. It also helps smaller businesses get a cheaper shipping rate by adding their products into another company’s truck load that is going to the same destination. In short, a consolidation dock makes it easier for large companies to send specific gods to a certain destination as fast as possible, gives smaller companies a chance to ship items at a cheaper rate, and helps the environment by getting more trucks off the road at the same time.


Why choose Brent Redmond’s Consolidation Dock in Los Angeles?

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