What is cross docking?Cross dock Los Angeles

Cross-docking is a logistics service where a company is transferring goods to a retailer or specific customer with little to no storage time or handling. First of all, the entire process starts when an incoming truck arrives with certain products that need transportation. At this point, products get taken off the truck and moved to the main dock floor where employees organize them. Lastly, the final step in this process happens as soon as the outgoing truck arrives and the products from the incoming truck are moved to the outgoing truck so that it can be taken to a retailer or customer. This process is undoubtedly great for moving food items efficiently and quickly, and especially breaking down large product loads into smaller loads for transportation to create an easier delivery process to the customer. If this is a service you are interested in, click HERE!


Why is cross docking used?

Cross docking is used to simplify and speed up the distribution process. Especially when it comes to produce, cross docking is an extremely valuable tool due to the fact that the produce will have as little storage time as possible while it is being transferred to another truck and taken to the distributors customers. Cross docking is a great way for distributors to send one truck to a dock, and then disperse the goods inside the trailer to different outgoing trucks. Cross docking also means, that transportation has fuller loads for each trip therefore a saving in transportation costs while also being more environmentally friendly. Plain and simple, this whole process makes it easier for distributors to get products where they need to go, with as little storage time and handling as possible, which ensures faster delivery and fresher products.


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