Primus Certified Los Angeles Cross-Dock Facility

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Brent Redmond Cross dock in Los Angeles

Brent Redmond Logistics is here to turn your pickup and delivery challenges into opportunities. We offer premium dock services next to the LA Wholesale Market. Consequently, this ensures that your transition is as smooth and fast as possible. Additionally, we know that minimizing time and cost throughout your distribution chain is crucial to boosting your company’s efficiency. Which is why we help companies simplify their logistics process and maximize their efficiency. We do this by offering our fast and effective cross dock in Los Angeles.


What is Cross Docking?Cross dock in Los Angeles

Cross docking is a logistics service where a company is transferring goods to a retailer or specific customer with little to no storage time or handling. First of all, the entire process starts when an incoming truck arrives with certain products that need transportation. At this point products get taken off the truck and moved to the main dock floor where employees organize them. Lastly, the final step in this process happens as soon as the outgoing truck arrives and the products from the incoming truck are moved to the outgoing truck so that it can be taken to a retailer or customer. This process is undoubtedly great for moving food items efficiently and quickly, and especially breaking down large product loads into smaller loads for transportation to create an easier delivery process to the customer.


Why choose Brent Redmond Logistics?

Above all, we offer the best cross dock service Los Angeles and take pride in our product care and efficiency. Similarly, our dock facility is next to the LA Wholesale Market, making it a prime location for incoming/outgoing trucks. If you want a name you can trust, and a company that’s dedicated to logistics and transportation, then you need to choose Brent Redmond Logistics, LLC.

Our Primus Certified dock facility
Primus Standard Audits Certificate

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Hours of Operations:

Receiving Hours: 5am – 12pm

Loading Hours: 12:00pm -5pm


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