You have been on the road for days. It has been an especially difficult haul. You had to drive through terrible weather and the inspections took way too long. By the time you arrive at the client’s business, you are not in the best of moods. You may find it easy to be short with the customer, especially if they seem frustrated or upset for any reason. You may not be the nicest, and what you may not realize is just how much this can cost you as well as the company you are hauling for.

“Think about what your business would be without your customers or clients. The fact is, you wouldn’t be in business without them and that is exactly why you need to treat them right.” (Why Customer Service Matters) In your case, your business is yourself. You have to treat customers well, even if you are in a bad mood. There are actually a couple of reasons for this.

Representing Yourself

When you deal with clients, you must always remember that you are representing yourself as an owner/operator. What type of image do you want them to have of you? Do you want them to think you are rude and unprofessional? If this happens, they probably won’t want to do business with you and they are likely even going to tell other companies to avoid you as well. It could be detrimental to your business, and your name could become tarnished. A bad reputation as an owner/operator can be especially costly.

Remember that if you don’t have clients, then you have no way of even staying in the trucking business. Treat your clients well and give them a good experience, and this will make things much better for you.

Representing a Company

While you don’t work for a company specifically, you are still driving for a business. Whoever you are driving for could get a bad reputation as well if you don’t treat the customers well. Even if you are an owner/operator, the customers will automatically associate you with the company you are driving for. They won’t know that you work for yourself. That means if you create negative customer interactions, then this will look bad for the company and not just yourself.

This could cost you hauls because if the companies start getting complaints, they will not be interested in contracting you. On the flip side, positive customer interactions could bring you even more work. When you make a good name for yourself, then companies will be much more interested in contracting you for more hauls.

As a trucker, you will deal with customers directly, and you do have to think about how you treat them. If you are rude and unprofessional, it can cause you problems as well as cause difficulties for the company you are working for. It is a much better choice to always treat the customers professionally and respectfully. This can bring you more business and will help build a positive reputation as well.

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