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November 5, 2018

Why Use a Consolidation Dock?

The process of consolidation in the distribution market is an important and not very well known one. Consolidation is mainly the process of combining many small shipments and placing them into a bigger load in orderĀ 

October 23, 2018

What Could be Better Than Gifting Sharks Tickets? …. NOTHING!

  Wells Fargo Commercial Bank generously invited some of our hard-working operations staff to the San Jose Sharks home game. They were able to watch the exciting game from the comfort of the Wells Fargo suite at the SAP center. Thank you Wells Fargo, and GO SHARKS!! #SharksTerritory

August 27, 2018

Cross Docking

What is cross docking? Cross-docking is a logistics service where a company is transferring goods to a retailer or specific customer with little to no storage time or handling. First of all, the entire process starts when an incoming truck arrives with certain products that need transportation. At this point, products get taken off the […]